AI Platform for Smart Bakeries

A demand forecasting solution that uses artificial intelligence to combine historical data and external factors to reduce stockouts and food overproduction


Added Values

Increase Sales

Increase your sales by 1.5% through the reduction of stockouts

Reduce Surplus

Reduce your food loss by 50% and make a positive impact on the environment

Save Time

Spend less time planning the production and focus on value-added tasks


Features to take the control on your margins


Track your inventory at a glance

With our dashboard you can track


How much you have lost in waste


Analyze your performance over time


How much you could have sold


Personalized reports

Production Report

Anticipate with reliable sales forecast

  • Cutting-edge algorithm that takes into account sales data and external factors

  • Never be out-of-stock again


Modules adapted to your needs

Inventory management

Manage your inventory, and track the evolution over time to make sure that you are not overproducing or underproducing.

Production planning

Receive daily production sheets that your team will be able to follow to ensure quality and quantity consistency

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Learn more about us

OLICAI is committed in fighting food waste

OLICAI was created in 2022 in Montreal with the mission of reducing food waste on a global scale after the founders witnessed firsthand the amount of food waste in the foodservice industry.